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Our Journey in Faith

In June 2007, our Reading, PA folks started Reunion Groups.

In July, the Regional VdC Group decided to sponsor or create a new movement possibly in Pennsylvania or Connecticut.

Just days later, we initiated contact with the regional group representative Steve Gielda.

Meanwhile, Betty Harris and others in Harrisburg were coming together with hopes to build a PA Community.

In December, Betty and I were linked together by NLS VdC.

Together, in December 2007, we held our first Ultreya with 18 people in attendance from the Reading and the Harrisburg areas.           

In January of this year, we formed a Planning Team made up of Harrisburg, Reading, Rainbow, & Vineyard representatives, and began meeting monthly with the objective of creating a new VdC Movement in Eastern PA.

We compiled a demographics report showing over 700 Lutheran Churches with 88,000 weekly Worship attendees in our 60 mile radius. 

We approved a new name at our February Ultreya – “Journey in Faith VdC.”          

We continue to receive support of encouragement and willingness to help us from so many individuals from Rainbow VdC, Vineyard VdC, Notes of Grace VdC, Good News VdC and Crossroads Walk to Emmaus, which is a southeast PA Methodist Group.

We had 7 Pilgrims from our area attend weekends in the fall, and 4 so far for the spring weekends. 

We have 9 members of our community who have or will be serving on weekends this spring with either Rainbow or Vineyard VdC.           

We created and approved a Constitution and By-laws.      

We have begun the process of Incorporation and will be filling for our 501c3 status.

We have bought a domain name for our Website ( and have begun creating a site.     

We have applied for and been approved to have a display and a Forum at the ELCA Northeast PA Synod Assembly the last week of May. 

We have individuals committed to traveling to Phoenix to represent our community at the National Lutheran Secretariat Annual Meeting at their own expense.    

We have requested financial support of our members and have sent out letters to the VdC Secretariats in our Region and to Notes of Grace VdC requesting financial and people resource donations.

We elected our first Secretariat at our May Ultreya.          


Our plans for the future are:

To hold some combination of Men’s, Women’s and Co-ed Weekends throughout the year.  At this point, our thought is to have Co-ed Weekends in each spring and both Men’s and Women’s Weekends each Fall. 

Our first Weekend will be May 14 - 17, 2009.  We have have reserved Camp Conquest in Denver, PA.  After our discussion last night we will be sending them the required deposit.

Our Weekends will follow the VdC essentials manual.  We will encourage all members wishing to be on a Weekend Team to attend Leaders Training that we will offer.

We will finish the process we have begun to incorporate in the state of Pennsylvania and to obtain our 501C3 status.

We will continue to hold monthly Ultreya with rotating locations.  We will continue to stress the importance of Reunion Groups and encourage and help our members to join or start a group.

Journey in Faith Via de Cristo of Eastern Pennsylvania